Modern construction and military operations rely a lot on contractors. For instance, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq demonstrate that there is a need for contractors to carry out essential tasks such as guarding military bases, driving convoy trucks, and much more. In some instances, contractors are injured as they discharge their work duties. In this case happens, you need services of a DBA lawyer. First, you need to know whether you are entitled to these benefits.

What is defense base act?

This is a federal workers’ compensation plan. It offers protection to subcontractors and contractors working overseas. If you a person is killed or injured, the contractor or his family is entitled to those benefits.

Who is covered??injured person

This act does not discriminate based on job title or nationality. As long as the injured person qualifies, he or she is entitled to these benefits. It does not matter where they come from or the job they carry. Some of the professionals that qualify include construction engineers, firefighters, electricians, heavy equipment operators, military trainers, and much more.

Type of injuries covered

The military recognizes that it cannot conduct its operations without use of contractors. It is a fact that these contractors carry out work in extremely dangerous areas. It does not matter whether a contractor is working at a small combat outpost or large military airfield. Any injuries that result are covered. Some include amputations, asthma, asbestosis, broken bones, back injuries, cancer, heart attack, neck injuries, and much more.

Should you hire a lawyer to represent you?

It is poswarsible to ligate the whole process alone. However, it is advisable to seek services of an experienced attorney to litigate claims for you. You should note that this is a highly technical compensation system. You need a professional that understands what rights, forms to use, and the remedies that exist. Moreover, he or she should know how to litigate these claims before the administrative law judge.

There are law firms that specialize in defense base act. They have extensive knowledge of workings of the act. They can offer you insightful guidance to help you make claims. In fact, the there main role is to help contractors and families to get benefits, which they are entitled.

It is important, to be honest with your attorney and doctor. This is because some few circumstances can lead to suspension of the DBA benefits you are entitled. Remember that insurance companies are out to look for loopholes to deny you benefits.

Tips For Settling Your Defense Base Act Claim
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