In many states in the US, it is a requirement that a real estate attorney is consulted and that one participates in a real estate deal. When a real estate transaction is being closed, it is the law that an attorney is present. However, this is only in certain states and not all. Some states do not recognize a real estate transaction as a part of the law.

A lawyer for your real estate dealReal Estate Lawyer

If you are in the midst of negotiations or plan on approaching a seller to make an offer on a property, it may be prudent to have a lawyer present during any negotiations and when a deal is struck. A real estate lawyer Cincinnati is mandatory in many states and even if it is not in your state, you may benefit from having one present in case there are any misunderstandings later on.

How to hire a good real estate attorney

There are a few features that you must look into when hiring a real estate attorney; let us have a look at a few.

License and reputation

A lawyer in any field gets more clients by their reputation. SO the first this to do is check their reputation and also their licensing. Many states will have a list of licensed lawyers on the local government website.


As with many industries, a lawyer with years of experience will be able to assist you better with your transaction. You can find a good lawyer for your property deal by asking any friends or acquaintances for referrals.

legal adviceLocation

It is important to have an attorney who practices in your area. You do not want to have to travel long distances simply to have a consultation. A local lawyer can come to the place where the transaction is being closed with ease, and you can also visit him quickly. Therefore, it is wise to use a lawyer who is close to where you live.


Always, hire a lawyer you can trust. To gauge is you can trust an attorney, you will have to meet him or her once. If they seem genuine, and they are willing to work in your best interest, then you can hire them. If a lawyer is giving you any doubts and you feel you cannot rely on them completely, you better find someone else.

Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer
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