Looking for a lawyer can be very challenging keeping in mind that there are many law firms today. Fortunately, there are ways of identifying a good lawyer. You can point out a good lawyer just by talking to them during the consultation session. Some specific attributes will differentiate a good lawyer from a bad one.

Qualities of a good lawyer

Good communication

Good communication is one of the main qualities of a good lawyer. The lawyer should be a good communicator because you need to be informed throughout the case. If you notice that the lawyer is reluctant with giving you information or answering your questions, then you should think twice about hiring them. In the modern day, there are many forms of communication, and you don’t have to go to the office every day. Today, text messages and social media are also ways of communication, so there is no excuse not to communicate.


Good decision maker

The ability to make a good decision is important for a lawyer. There are instances when your lawyer will be forced to make decisions on your behalf, and you need to be sure that you can trust them. Always make sure that you hire a lawyer that can be able to make informed decisions even in your absence.


Empathy is an important virtue when it comes to a lawyer. Empathy will not necessarily help you win the case, but it is important when interacting with the lawyer. A lawyer who shows care and empathy will be passionate about the case and will make sure that justice is done in your case. The lawyer should show understanding and care in those moments when you are overwhelmed by issues.


Punctuality of your lawyer is a good aspect to check before hiring the lawyer. You need to know that your lawyer is punctual because punctuality is an important part of winning the case. If your lawyer is always late in presenting evidence and documents, then it will be difficult to win the case.



Your lawyer should be organized in presenting your case and documentation. With proper organization, it will be possible make good progress with the case. Organization involves the way the lawyer presents the documents and also the way he presents the facts of the case.

How to identify a good lawyer
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